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The new clinic standard for botulinum toxin injectors

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BnTx Interact’s Purpose

Botulinum toxin is an injection treatment for a growing number of chronic medical conditions, most often treated by neurologists.


Traditionally the injection points have been manually captured on paper. Professor Con Yiannikas, one of the world’s leading neurologists, saw the opportunity to enhance medical science and help his fellow practitioners. He teamed up with Interact Technology to create BnTx Interact.


BnTx not only represents qualitative and efficiency improvements, it becomes an indispensable part of the practice’s relationship with patients, referrers, health funds and advancing scientific research.

An indispensable part of an injecting clinic’s practice

  • Improve customer service
    The customer’s single channel to treatment support that includes centralised, easy access to websites, people, tools, events, educational support and news.
  • Enhance a brand’s existing channels
    A stand alone application to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a brand’s existing interactive channels e.g. sales reps, MSL’s, distributors, third party contractors, events and meetings
  • Creates new opportunities with healthcare groups
    Enables mutually beneficial combination strategies with healthcare groups, earning reciprocity with healthcare groups by helping them fulfil their purpose
  • Simplified patient connections
    Help healthcare professionals easily digitally connect patients to new beneficial products or support services
  • A new media channel
    Acts as a media channel to established myINTERACT networks - use for campaigns, to share news or for banner ads that create awareness
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