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medCompanion is a clinic portal and companion patient app that helps reduce clinic administration and support patients in their treatment journey

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medCompanion Purpose

Increasingly the majority of drug spend is channelled through specialist clinics which prescribe the newest, most expensive drugs to treat serious and chronic diseases.


Specialist clinics continue to be burdened by the treatment justification hurdles imposed on them by government and health funds. Despite working under common frameworks, clinics have often had to rely on their own resources to support patients who are seeking trusted information about their disease.

Gradually digital therapeutics are becoming available with high quality software programs designed to help manage, prevent or improve a medical treatment or disease, entering the market.


medCompanion provides clinics access to services that save time, by reducing the burden of health fund administration, and uses a clinic branded App to improve patient education, support, and access to relevant digital therapeutics. 

New beneficial clinic services 

  • Improve customer service
    The customer’s single channel to treatment support that includes centralised, easy access to websites, people, tools, events, educational support and news.
  • Enhance a brand’s existing channels
    A stand alone application to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a brand’s existing interactive channels e.g. sales reps, MSL’s, distributors, third party contractors, events and meetings
  • Creates new opportunities with healthcare groups
    Enables mutually beneficial combination strategies with healthcare groups, earning reciprocity with healthcare groups by helping them fulfil their purpose
  • Simplified patient connections
    Help healthcare professionals easily digitally connect patients to new beneficial products or support services
  • A new media channel
    Acts as a media channel to established myINTERACT networks - use for campaigns, to share news or for banner ads that create awareness
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