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Provides health care professionals easy access to centralised, personalised, valued support at the moment when needed

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myINTERACT Purpose

Doctors feel stressed and overwhelmed trying to keep abreast of an exponentially growing body of knowledge, trying to optimise patient care whilst working within the tight time limitations of their intense working days.


myINTERACT is an easy to use publishing platform for treatment brands and healthcare groups that gives healthcare professionals easy, centralised access to trusted, personalised and valuable support at the moment when needed.


This helps users save time and improve care whilst giving treatment brands and healthcare groups a more efficient and effective way to disseminate support.

Creating value across the supply chain

  • Improve customer service
    The customer’s single channel to treatment support that includes centralised, easy access to websites, people, tools, events, educational support and news.
  • Enhance a brand’s existing channels
    A stand alone application to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a brand’s existing interactive channels e.g. sales reps, MSL’s, distributors, third party contractors, events and meetings
  • Creates new opportunities with healthcare groups
    Enables mutually beneficial combination strategies with healthcare groups, earning reciprocity with healthcare groups by helping them fulfil their purpose
  • Simplified patient connections
    Help healthcare professionals easily digitally connect patients to new beneficial products or support services
  • A new media channel
    Acts as a media channel to established myINTERACT networks - use for campaigns, to share news or for banner ads that create awareness
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