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Our Story

Our story begins in 2007 when Steve Jobs released the iPhone. Our founder Matt Martin, who after 15 years of working in the pharmaceutical industry, embarked on a journey to digitise the industry by releasing one of Australia’s first medical Apps. 


Soon after, he teamed up with technology gurus Peter Li and Aaron McMullen who brought best in class technology architecture to launch NextInteract in 2010. The product was one of the world’s first iPad e-detailing platform for pharma representatives.  


Martin Whittaker saw the opportunities and joined the team in 2012. He brought additional commercial and business acumen to the mix - his prior experience in setting out strategy  and growing businesses  was invaluable. 


In 2012, together they agreed to found Interact Technology, with a desire to solve difficult healthcare problems and use the power of tech and behavior design to help doctors  improve patient care. 

Witnessing the inherent and growing problems in the industry’s main existing channels, we knew our business had the potential to fill a major gap. To be transformational meant we had to be brave and look at old problems differently.

We decided to look at systemic problems from the doctor’s perspective - after all they were the conduit of treatments from the industry to patients. If we could help them save time and improve care, then this could revolutionise the entire treatment supply chain, making it more efficient and effective.

Our focus became doctors, other healthcare professionals, as well as healthcare group organisations more broadly, which are set up to help clinicians and patients. We invested many thousands of hours in understanding their needs, exploring and validating solutions with them and for them. 


The process was challenging, long standing systemic problems needed addressing  without any immediate monetary rewards. Our efforts started to pay off as we worked up solutions that both provided value to doctors and could be adopted by one of the world's largest and most risk averse industry sectors.

We were rewarded with rich reciprocity from dozens of healthcare professionals as they recognised our vision and purpose-drive business ethic. Two of Australia’s leading clinicians, Professor Con Yiannikas and A/Professor John Ding decided to partner with us to develop our clinic solutions. 

Our strategy was to build and validate solutions in Australia and with benchmark international case studies which global partners that have sales and distribution networks can easily exploit.


Covid strengthened our value proposition but delayed international validation. 


At the end of  2021, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company started rolling out the myINTERACT platform across the USA.
A great achievement and arguably pivotal moment , as our complementary clinical solutions (medCompanion and BnTx) completed extensive pilots and extended roll outs commenced.


Our search for global partners is underway in earnest and our story is set to continue…. 

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